Everyone who’s ever achieved a goal in life faces the same dilemma. Once you allow yourself the moment to bask in the glow of your success, inevitably that glow is followed by the question, “What now?”

Often the achievement of the goal is the easy part. In the absence of a fundamental change in your attitude and habits, it’s a short distance before those pounds creep back into your belly, your credit card is maxed out again, and you’re back to where you were before, and totally demoralized to boot.

Remember the high hopes you had for your supply room when it first was installed? Everything was where it belonged, and you could confidently view the stock you had on hand in a few clicks of a mouse.

Having attained the goal of mastery over your supplies, have you maintained that mastery, or are you starting to slide back to a condition where you can’t trust the numbers on the IQ app and panics over unforeseen stockouts are once again intruding on your serenity?

Keeping your IQ system working properly isn’t magic; it’s going to take a commitment to good habits to keep it humming along. But the payoff is definitely worth the effort, and the time required to maintain the system is far less than what you used to spend putting out fires and hunting for things you know you have somewhere if you could just remember where they were stashed.

So let this site be your life coach, pushing you to do the stuff you have trouble finding the motivation to do on your own. You can do this!

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