Resolving incidents

The interactive nature of the Inventory IQ system helps you supercharge your inventory management because every time a bar code is scanned, the system simultaneously accounts for that scan in terms of inventory on hand, consumption, and a host of other interconnected ways. Whenever something happens within a session that disrupts the order of the …

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How to add a new user

Setting up a new user is a two-step process. An administrator starts the process by creating a user in the IQ app within Once this basic information is loaded into the system, then the administrator will meet the new user at the authentication device and program the new user’s biometrics into the device, after …

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Update 1.27.2020

Click on the link to view a slide presentation explaining the latest IQ system updates, which includes the following enhancements: Allowing scan of users barcode to change user on any screen Daily email of storeroom activity New tutorial videos

New user training, part 1

The Inventory IQ system installed in your facility is a powerful tool to help your company get the most out of your supplies. By following a few simple steps, you can keep the system running smoothly and providing the greatest benefit to you and your company. Authentication: Your manager will register you into the system …

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